Lesley and Peter at Glen Tanar

Aberdeenshire Wedding Photography:

One sunny day in April, Lesley Esson and Peter Lindsay invited their closest family and friends to join with them to celebrate their wedding day. After meeting first in Auchterellon Primary when they were nine years old, Lesley and Peter were apart for 10 years after school before a chance encounter sparked their relationship. It was lovely to hear stories of their travels and adventures together as a couple as they developed in their relationship…


From the moment we arrived on the day, the lodge where the Lesley and her bridal party were getting ready was filled with their laughter and their excitement for the day ahead was clear. Sitting in the sunlit living room Lesley, in the process of getting her hair and make-up done, was already beginning to look the part. Her four bridesmaids donned elegant grey dresses with bright purple accessories and flowers, the colours of which complimented the beauty of the location.

Lindsay019 Lindsay054

Lesley herself had chosen a wonderful Maggie Sottero gown paired with a beautiful long veil. She had said that it was only the second dress she had tried on in the build up to the wedding, but knew instantly that it was “the one”. I can see why – Lesley, you looked simply stunning!

Lindsay070 After preparations were complete, behind her wedding party Lesley and her father were driven round to the gorgeous St Lesmo chapel where the ceremony was to be held. The quaint structure was lit romantically by candles, and its traditional interior gave a sense of warmth to the occasion. Lindsay097Lindsay105Lindsay123Lindsay111Lindsay125Lindsay134Lindsay135Lindsay154

Following the ceremony, the couple and all their guests were led by the piper from the chapel to the Glen Tanar Ballroom for the reception. Surrounded by breathtaking views of the cairngorm range, this was an ideal way for Lesley and Peter to spend their first moments as a couple. The two had travelled around the area together several times, making this walk extra special.

Lindsay227 Lindsay230 Lindsay239 Lindsay247 Lindsay251 Lindsay277 Lindsay285 Lindsay291 Lindsay302

The couple knew as soon as they stepped into the grand ballroom that it was the venue for them, and when you look upon the old music room with its grand piano, warm fire and walls covered in no less than 600 antlers, it’s no surprise why. After their short walk, guests were pleased to be greeted by a champagne reception provided by Alford Country Flavours complete with sticky sausages and chocolate strawberries.

Lindsay306 Lindsay307 Lindsay308 Lindsay311 Lindsay313 Lindsay314 Lindsay318 Lindsay316 Lindsay319

The best man’s speech was full of hilarious and touching stories about the lives of the bride and groom. He was perfect for the part as he, after all, had also sat alongside the couple in their primary class!

Lindsay368 Lindsay377 Lindsay384 Lindsay378 Lindsay387 Lindsay392

It was wonderful to be a part of your special day, and I hope you both really enjoy your honeymoon in July!

A very special thanks to those who made this day possible…


Venue – Glen Tanar Ballroom and Estate

Flowers – Daisy Roots, Old Meldrum
Hair – D’tangled (bridesmaids)

Bridesmaids Dresses – French Connection
Make up – The Hair House, Aberdeen
Wedding dress – Maggie Sottero, Avorio Bridal

Cake – Cake Affair, Rothienorman

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Kilts – Becca Scarlett (groom), McCall’s, Aberdeen (groomsmen)
Bands – The White Band and Towie Pipe Band
Caterer – Alford Country Flavours





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Steven & Linda’s Wedding at Fyvie Castle & Meldrum House

Wedding Photography, Aberdeenshire, Scotland: Bride & Groom’s Names – Linda Isobel Mary Middleton & Steven Ian BrownSL063
How did you meet?
We met at a party on my birthday (halloween) 2009. Steven was dressed as Ali G and I was dressed as a bumble bee so we colour coordinated both being in black and yellow, haha!  I’d just returned from travelling in Australia and was planning on moving back to London so for the first few months we were both adamant that we weren’t a couple, even though we were pretty inseparable. Eventually on Valentines Day 2010, we realised that we had been a couple for months and made it official. London was cancelled and shortly afterwards we moved in together.

Why did you choose Susan Renée Photography?
I had been a HUGE fan of Susan’s work for years. Prior to getting engaged there were two things I had my heart set on, one was getting married at Fyvie Castle and the other was having Susan as our wedding photographer. Photos have always been one of my favourite things, I just love the way you can go back and look at a moment. We checked Susan’s availability before confirming our date, it was that important that she was our wedding photographer!

Who did your hair and what time did you get started in the morning?
Lindsay Steele did my hair and my 5 bridesmaids hair. She started at 8am and we were all delighted with our hair and ready on time.Brown013   Brown019

Brown030Brown032Who was your makeup artist?
Rae Mathieson did myself, all 5 bridesmaids and my Mum’s make up. She did an amazing job, we all felt beautiful. My Mum never wears make up and is always much more concerned about everyone else rather than herself. I know she was a bit worried about being Mother of the bride as she isn’t someone that’ll comfortable being in the limelight. However once she had on her gorgeous outfit and her hair and make up done, she was so confident and happy. That is one of my happiest memories from the day.Brown016Who was your wedding dress designer and how did you know that the dress was ‘the one’? Where did you get it?
I had visited most bridal boutiques in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, with my bridesmaids and both Mums, with no success. Then in summer 2012 I went down in London to visit my bridesmaid Lisa. My flight home wasn’t until Monday evening so I decided to have a look round some of the bridal shops there. The first shop I went into was Sassi Holford and the first dress I tried on was the one. I knew it was the one because I didn’t have a ‘but’ with it… With the other dresses I had tried on, I liked this and that BUT not this or that. There was nothing I wanted to change about my dress (or veil) and I didn’t want to take it off.Brown043Brown090Who designed your shoes?
My shoes are customised Benjamin Adams. I found them on Pinterest and fell in love with them. I then discovered you could only get them in America and the company selling them didn’t deliver to the UK. Not discouraged I joined a USA to UK shipping company who provided an address in the US to have the shoes delivered to. Then for a fee, they sent them on to the UK. Fast forward 6 weeks and the shoes arrived but with a £135 custom charge. I’m not sure Steven agrees but I still think they were worth it.Brown010Did you have any special accessories?
My headpiece was made by Jannie Baltzer. Jannie is one of the nicest wedding suppliers I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. I originally picked a different headpiece but 3 or 4 months after it arrived, I had my hair trial and it didn’t work. I emailed Jannie and explained I had been the headpiece had not been used and was in immaculate condition but when I tried it on it wasn’t sitting right and was there any chance I could exchange it. I expected a no but Jannie replied, not only offering to exchange my piece and refund any difference in price! Jannie also told me I could wait until her new pieces were launched and included some photos. I found my headpiece and Jannie customised it for me so it was extra sparkly to match my shoes.Brown015

With my birthday only being a month before the wedding, I’d said to Steven not to get me anything. For my wedding present I had said when we got engaged that I would like a Tiffany’s necklace but then laterally decided they were too expensive. Steven didn’t know there was a bow on the front of my dress but he knew I love bows generally. On my birthday morning I couldn’t believe it when I opened a Tiffany’s box to find a beautiful necklace with diamond bow, which was my birthday and wedding present. I didn’t wear it until our wedding day.

I also cut a heart out of my brother Ross’ favourite jumper and it was sewn into my dress.

Who supplied the groom and groomsmen’s outfits?
They were from Gibbs in Inverurie.

Who designed the bridesmaids’ dresses and why did you chose that colour?
The dresses were Ebony Rose. I chose plum and silver because I think they’re lovely winter shades. I also thought the silver complemented Lisa and Vicky’s blonde hair and the plum complemented Lisa, Natalie and Lyndsay’s dark hair.Brown361


Where was the wedding ceremony held and why did you choose it?
Fyvie Castle. I have wanted to get married at Fyvie Castle since I was a little girl, I had always imagined my wedding being a snowy fairytale. I later found out my Grandad had been stationed there for 3 months during the Second World War. My Dad wasn’t born until after the war but my Grandma, uncle and 2 aunties had stayed in Fyvie for those 3 months to be close to my Grandad.Brown180 Brown183 Brown201 Brown207 Brown215 Brown242 Brown261 Brown340 Brown393 Brown401

Where was the wedding reception held and why did you choose it?
We went to view several reception venues but as soon as we stepped foot in Meldrum House, we both knew it was the one. We liked how the marquee was a blank canvas and logistically how close it is to Fyvie Castle. The building and grounds are beautiful, the rooms are stunning and the food and service excellent.Brown001

On our wedding night, my Mum, Dad, niece and nephew were staying in room 3. In the middle of the night they were woke up with a heavy wooden table, topped with glass just ‘falling over’. We spoke to Peter and he advised that room 3 is the room haunted by the white lady!
Did you have a videographer? If so, who were they?
We had Tom from Alba Videos. We really struggled to find a videographer. We had seen countless samples and hadn’t been particularly keen on any of them. I lost my big brother Ross just a few weeks after his wedding in 2008. I’ve always treasured my copy of Ross’ wedding DVD as it’s the only way I can see him and hear his voice. I was watching it one day and thought, why didn’t I think of this sooner, I’d like the videographer Ross had. On Ross’ wedding DVD box it said Alba Videos so I googled it and found Tom… It was only after meeting Tom, he explained he started filming weddings in 2009 so hadn’t filmed Ross’ wedding but by then I took it as fate.

Who did your flowers and why did you choose what you did?
We had Blooms and Balloons by Suzie for the bouquets (Suzie is a friend) and Dolce Vita for our centre pieces. I choose peony roses, avalanche roses and penny lane roses for our bouquets. They’re my favourite flowers and I love how the penny lane roses look almost vintage lilac. Due to the time of year peony roses were available but Suzie managed to get a similar rose. In Fyvie Castle we had bay trees with fairy lights. Then at either side of the aisle we had a single hydrangea tied with a ribbon at one side and an avalanche rose and a penny rose on the other side. In Meldrum House we had more trees with fairy lights. Then for the centre pieces we went for half tall displays with hydrangeas, penny & avalanche roses and fairy lights and half fish bowls with penny & avalanche roses, thistles and floating candles. I liked the idea of the different heights and with it being November and dark outside, the fairy lights and candles gave a nice cosy wintery feel.Brown419 Brown484 Brown464  



Who designed your cake? Did you give them any ideas re the design?
Our cake was from Bibi’s. I had seen a photo of a pink cake on Pinterest that was a 3 tier cake with 2 tiers of cupcakes underneath. I took that into Bibi’s and explained that I liked that idea but I’d like an ivory cake with each tier being a different flavour. My top tier was traditional wedding cake, the middle tier was chocolate cheesecake and the bottom tier was Victoria sponge with raspberry jam. The cupcakes were half Orieo cookie and half white chocolate. I asked if Bibi could add lace, pearls and bows to tie in with our theme. A few months before our wedding Bibi’s in Aberdeen closed down. The St Andrews branch kindly not only honoured our order but the owner delivered and set up our cake herself. They also provided scones, macaroons and fine pieces for our boozy afternoon tea.Brown476 Brown477 Brown552

Who were your band and what was it you liked about them?
Our band were Mustang. They played at my cousins wedding and we thought they were really good. We liked that they did a few Scottish songs at the start and also a DJ set for the last hour. Several guests commented on our band and the dance floor was always full.

Who provided the wedding transport?
Carriages Vintage Rolls Royce Car Hire. Family business that was run by twins, passed on from their Dad. After over 25 years, we were their second last wedding.

What was the best bit about your wedding meal? Did you use a caterer?
Meldrum House did our meals and we couldn’t have faulted them. The heart shaped shortbread and fudge at the end was a nice touch.

Do you have a favourite picture from the day, if so, what is it and why?
Our favourite pictures is that of Steven and I during our first dance. I just love the way we are looking at each other and it reminds me exactly how I felt in that moment.Brown574 Brown573 Brown569 Brown566Brown575

What was your inspiration?
The theme of our wedding was winter vintage. There was a bow and lace detail on my dress so we continued that through to our cake, stationary etc. As we knew it would be dark before our reception started we had fairy lights in the marquee, on trees and central pieces. We had lanterns and candles too.
We wanted to have an intimate, vintage, winter wedding in a castle with a big party afterwards. I feel we’re very lucky that we managed to make that happen. The only thing missing was some snow.

What was the best bit about your day?
Linda – our first dance, seeing Steven when I was walking down the aisle, my Dad’s saying how proud he & my Mum are of me, seeing our friends & family enjoying themselves so much.
Steven – seeing Linda walk down the aisle and our first dance.Brown458

Did anything funny or unusual happen during your preparations or wedding day?
Just over a month before the wedding, on the same day our bridesmaid dresses arrived from America and 3 were completely the wrong colour and I got an email saying our wedding cake shop had closed down. Being stuck 3,000 miles away at the time that was a rather stressful day!

My poor Mum forgot that the flowers and bay trees in Fyvie Castle were suppose to be taken to Meldrum House so we ended up with only half the flowers we should have had in the marquee – I doubt anyone noticed.

Any advice for couples still to tie-the-knot??
I can’t remember where it’s stolen from but ‘A wedding is a party not a performance, if at the end of the day you are married to the one you love then everything went perfectly’.

Keep things simple and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Only after staying up until 4am arranging which guests had plum name cards/chair covers etc and which had silver; I realised it really didn’t matter!

Where did you go on honeymoon?
We went to Phuket in Thailand. We had a beautiful villa with our own pool.


We hired a photo booth from SillySnapz. As I’ve previously mentioned I love photos and I wanted to have photos of my evening guests to look back on too. The gentleman from SillySnapz said he normally has to encourage guest into the booth, however their was a constant queue for ours! SillySnapz gave us a USB with all our photos and a guest book which had a copy of each print out stuck in with guest comments alongside their photos. We had a brilliant laugh reading through it, the next day.


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Louise & Ross Walker at Achnagairn House, near Inverness

Wedding Photography Scotland: Thank you to Louise for writing her wedding blog post for me!!

Ross and I met in school, were friends for a few years then Ross plucked up the courage to ask me out on msn haha (very old school)! I went offline straight away but he must have done enough to impress. Ross had a party when his mum and dad was away we had our first kiss….9 years later we got married :)
Our photographer was the wonderful Susan Renée. We knew that we wanted Susan to take our pics when we first got engaged and pretty much planned our day around the date she could manage. She is just amazing I was worried as I don’t like to pose for pictures, but she made us both feel relaxed and like celebrities for the day…We are over the moon with our pictures.  Memories to treasure forever!!   Our venue was Achnagairn House, Inverness. We hired the house for the the whole weekend and 62 of our nearest and dearest family and friends stayed with us.  We had to decorate the house on the Friday when we arrived. Our guests arrived later and we had a few drinks and my dad made food for everyone. The wedding was on the Saturday and on the Sunday we had a bbq made by my dad and brother (the bbq kings). Then sadly we had to leave on the monday :(  

Lou001 Lou002 Lou003 Lou004 Lou005 Lou006 Lou007 Lou008 Lou009  Lou011Lou010 Lou012 Lou013 Lou014 Lou015 Lou016 Lou017 Lou018 Lou019 Lou020 Lou021 Lou023 Lou024 Lou025 Lou026 Lou027 Lou028  Lou030 Lou031Lou033   Lou034 Lou035



Videographer: orchard studio productions, Cheryl and Steve Lawrence…they just captured the whole day perfectly…here’s a link to our highlight clip.   http://youtu.be/0ijs5EoHMQw

Florist: Our beautiful flowers were done by my friend’s sister, Kimberly Duthie. She knew exactly what I wanted and did it all herself (with a little help from her boyfriend John, who now knows a little bit more about flowers!!) I wanted the flowers to be the main decor. On the lead up to the wedding,  Ross thought that flowers weren’t too much of a big deal…..until he saw the finished article!

Hairdresser: My friend Stephanie did my hair and Jennifer did my adult bridesmaids. My 2 sister in laws did my junior bridesmaids.

Make up artist: ME! I did my own make up as I am a Beauty Therapist.  I also did 4 of my bridesmaids and my mum and Ross’ mum.

The dress: Pronovias, bought from Perfect Bridal in Aberdeen. Shoes: JIMMY CHOOS (of course)

Accessories: Jenny Packham jewellery, Jimmy Choo bag.

Grooms outfit: We bought the groom, best man and the groomsmen’s Daniel Hecktor suits from Slaters in Aberdeen.

Bridesmaids: Adult bridesmaids were from Perfect Bridal in Aberdeen. They looked beautiful in them!!

Fave picture from the day?…..Wowzer!! Verrry hard -  I couldn’t possibly pick as I love every single one!  My fave one of my husband is on the balcony with his jacket off leaning against the wall :)


I was inspired by Achnagairn House, it is just beautiful. I wanted a classy, elegant but relaxed wedding.  We personalised it by doing mostly everything ourselves. The nature of the house is that it is self catering and its totally yours to do with what you like. So everyone helped with food, flowers, the decor, the order of service….it was a major operation!!

Best part of the day was  walking into the room and seeing Ross at the other end looking back at me, then walking back out together as Mr and Mrs Walker.

My advice for future brides:
Always do what the bride and groom want not any one else.
Don’t lose sight of why you are both getting married….not for the wedding – I know every bride wants their wedding to go perfectly, but it’s about the two of you and your future together as husband and wife.
It will be alright on the night!

We had both a minimoon and a honeymoon. We went away to Cyprus for 10 days the week after the wedding to my auntie’s villa, with my mum and dad.
It was my dads 50th the week after the wedding so we surprised him the day after the wedding and told him we were taking him for his birthday and as a thank you to him and my mum for all their help over the past 2 years with the wedding. In august we went to Las Vegas and Cancun :)

The one thing we never forget about our wedding……..?
Everything!!  We will never forget the whole thing it was so special and happy and everything we could ever wish for and more and we will remember it forever.

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